music and lyrics by Tom Gervasi

He was born in the ole state hospital

in Scrantonville

Lived by the creek past the railroad yard

in Scrantonville

The flood waters came and his house was gone

The city came - tore the neighborhood down

He moved up Bunker Hill just to stick around

ole Scrantonville.

He went to the schools but he fooled around

in Scrantonville

He learned a lot despite being class clown

in Scrantonville

Did four years at the High School Tech

College "no way", he said, "what the heck?"

He got a job driving one of the city's wrecks

for Scrantonville.

( Oh Oh Scranton Pennsylvan - I - A

Oh Oh Scranton those were the good ole days )

He joined the union at the city barns

in Scrantonville

He found that the Mayors were doing them harm

in Scrantonville

He said, "guys and gals have no fear

We'll run these crooked politicians out of here"

Strikes and fights made their presence clear

in Scrantonville.

He got 30 years of payroll checks

from Scrantonville

He got hurt kinda bad in a fire truck wreck

in Scrantonville

Got fixed up to get back on the job

Not good enough for those political snobs

They said get your hat, we've had enough of you, Tom

in Scrantonville.

(Oh Oh Scranton Pennsylvan - I - A

Oh Oh Scranton you sure seen better days)

He moved outta town to a rural spot

near Scrantonville

He went back to the city just to clear his lot

in Scrantonville

Walked up the street, to his surprise

His garage was ablaze right before his eyes

Tenants all around with money on their minds

in Scrantonville.

He paid a lawyer 'bout a pot of gold

in Scrantonville

Who'd-a-thought he'd be bought and sold

by  Scrantonville

To Tom's evidence, he paid no heed

To show the jury, he said no need

The verdict was guilty of the dirty deed

in Scrantonville.

(Oh Oh Scranton Pennsylvan - I - A

Oh Oh Scranton bring back the good ole days)

Now he sits in the ole state pen

in Smithfield

They revoked his bail, gave 'em 5 to 10

in Smithfield

Biding time til his appeals are heard

Then he'll be free like a fast-flying bird

Headin' south, wish he never, ever heard

of Scrantonville.

(Oh  Oh Scranton Pennsylvan - I - A

Oh Oh Scranton you sure seen better days

Oh Oh Scranton it isn't gonna end this way...)