Sacred land, shared by it's people

Land on which I was borne and nurtured

Land now often misused and abused by its pilferers

But no less sacred

For this I give thanks to the primordial

-Tom Gervasi  Scrantonville.com



By Tom Gervasi - PASCI Camp Hill, 2012

Banished from my loved ones

To give the help I could.

A hug, a hand, a tender smile

Or just proving as I should.

I feel it in the letters

I sense it on the phone

The pain they feel is more than mine

But it is I that am alone.

My assurances are stated

By my firm and honest word

I'm safe, well being is intact

But am I really being heard?

Another day is over

And I wonder in the night

Do they know the little things I say

Are just not me, not right?

Can years of this adversity

Make your inner self just go?

Is it possible to change a man

In ways he could not know?

Someday I will return to them

And hope I can restore

The love, the little passions

That I shared with them before.

So if you lie in judgement 

The sentence for who you chose

It's not just who you're judging

It's also those he knows.

-written while incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit. 

"Karma is an illusionary belief the apprehensive, powerless or frail-minded use as consolation of solace when the consequences of an act of reprisal, retribution or revenge are too great"

-Tom Gervasi

LACKEY:  /la-ke/ n. pl. Lackeys.   Someone who does tasks or errands for another.  

footman - servant - toady.

Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus

LACKY: /la-ke/ n. pl. Lackies.  A political pawn of the Lackawanna County, PA. variety.  The lowest form of politician or political appointee.. a perversion of the Lackey species.  Mental mutation of a Lackey causing reprehensive behavior both morally and ethically leading to covert activity at the expense of taxpayers.  

puppet - marionette - flunky - yesman (or woman)

--Tom Gervasi  Dictionary of Scrantonville (ians) 

Hard Times due to acting by your principles outweighs a life of Shangrila for compromising your family name.  

--Tom Gervasi  Scrantonville.com