On June 17th 2008 a fire occurred in a garage I own. I was present minutes before and shortly after the start of the incident. The next day, during the investigation, Arson Investigator, Pennsylvania State Trooper, Russel Andress inferred to me the fire was a case of arson by stating “someone doesn’t like you”. At that point I immediately, fully and continuously, with the utmost determination assisted in the investigation for days without hesitation or objection in hope the perpetrator be found. I saw no need to hire a Professional Fire Investigator or competent attorney as I had complete trust in the authority, personnel and professionalism of The Scranton Police Department, The Pennsylvania State Police and The Office of the Lackawanna County District Attorney.... This BLIND TRUST would amount to the second biggest mistake in my life.....



 ​(noun):  The area comprising the more populace sections of Northeastern  Pennsylvania where political corruption runs rampant and is the accepted way of life by the vast majority of the general public. 

No civilized system of justice should have to depend on such flimsy evidence, quite possibly tainted by dishonesty and overzealousness to decide to take one's life or liberty.

--The Honorable Judge Alex Rozinski 

Political Corruption:  An unfortunate consequence of a democratic society when uncontrolled festers into the dominate force which feeds the transformation of democracy to facism.

Karma:  An illusionary belief the apprehensive, powerless, or frail minded use as a consulation of solace when the consequences of an act of reprisal, retribution, or revenge are too great. 

It's no longer a matter of haves and have nots, it's now a matter of have nots and have lots and lots and lots!

Honesty trumps political relevance.

The prison walls, fences, guards, and razor wire are the lesser obstacles to an innocent man who seeks his freedom, the denial of access to law and the justice system are the greatest walls to scale.   

--Tom Gervasi 

​A persons character should not be judged by what he may have done, but by the goals of his efforts, the intent of his deeds and the outcome of his accomplishments.

--Tom Gervasi 

"You may find that the cell is an ideal place to learn to know yourself, to search realistically and regularly the processes of your own mind and feelings.  In judging our progress as individuals we tend to concentrate on external factors such as one's social position, influence and popularity, wealth and standard of education...but internal factors may be even more crucial in assessing one's development as a human being...the cell gives you the opportunity to look daily into your entire conduct to overcome the bad and develop whatever is good in you...never forget that a saint is a sinner that keeps on trying."

--Nelson Mandela, 1975

MONEY is not the root of all evil


MONEY is merely the GOAL.

--Tom Gervasi 

If you're not happy with the accommodations don't check into the hotel! 

--Tom Gervasi 


1.)  Those who work to manipulate for gain of money.

2.)  Those who work to manipulate to gain free money.

3.)  Those who just work and pay for #'s 1 & 2.

--Tom Gervasi 

Tom Gervasi was falsely and recklessly accused of setting fire to his garage, wrongly convicted, and as a result was sentenced to 5 - 10 years in a maximum security prison in Pennsylvania.  Prior to this incident, he crossed the law one time in 58 years, a speeding ticket in 1985.

​His Petition for Post Conviction Relief is as follows...