The POLITICS of this lynching should be alarming to the citizens of Lackawanna County and especially alarming to the higher courts of our land.  --Tom Gervasi

Two examples of such:

1. Page 7 of Day 6, PM Session, of Trial Transcript shows one of the few side bar discussions that was recorded by court reporter and 'unscrubbed' from final transcript.  Atty Paul Walker's words in the presence of Judge and Prosecutor.  The jury was not present or allowed to hear this discussion. 

(Please note Line 2 through Line 20)

2.  Page 9 of the Post Trial Motions is as follows:  

(Please note IV through hearsay)





"If the incarceration experience doesn't break your spirit, it changes you in a way that you lose many fears.  You begin to realize that your life is not ruled by your ego and ambition and that it can end any day at any time.  So why worry?  You learn that, just like on the street, there is life in prison, and random people get there based on the jeopardy of the system.  The prisons are filled with people who crossed the law, as well as those who were incidentally and circumstantially picked and crushed by somebody else's agenda.  On the other hand, as a vivid benefit, you become very much independent of material property and learn to appreciate very simple pleasures in life such as, the sunlight and morning breeze."

-Author Unknown