F.  Used the time to reopen this investigation and instruct Trooper Andress PSP and Det Monahan SPD to conjure up a bizarre hypothesis on how the fire started which defies all logic, all rules of expert fire investigator and all rules of professional conduct and present this as PROOF as to how the fire started to the court and the jurors.


18.  Court appointed attorney, assigned without being requested by petitioner, has been ineffective as follows:

A.  Appointed attorney had not asked to be stricken, prosecutors answers to petitioners original PCRA petition despite being submitted seven days late in defiance of court order demanding submission in 30 days.

B.  Appointed attorney had not questioned clerk of court why court decree for prosecutor’s answers to petitioners original PCRA petition was not posted on court docket.

C.  Appointed attorney had not spoken to petitioner one time in entire six-plus months of assignment.

D.  Appointed attorney had not reviewed discovery, hearing transcripts, witness statements, investigative reports, history of witnesses, qualifications of prosecutorial ‘experts’, etc., during entire six-plus months of representation of petitioner.