12.   Demurer:  After dozens of misstatements by prosecution, defense attorney says nothing to dispute the prosecution’s case based on prior sworn statements by most of the witnesses thatwere contrary, contradictive and opposite in some cases of what the prosecutor has given the court, and was testified to at this trial, causing the court to have no other way to rule but allow this trial to continue.  (Trial transcript Dec 17, 2011, pgs 214-217) Exhibit XI, parts 1-4


13.  Trial attorney’s failure to present to jury political influence and public media pressure to prosecute petitioner as revealed in sidebar conversation, (Trial transcript Dec 20, 2011 PM session, pg 7 lines 9-20)  Exhibit XII, and (Defendant’s brief in support of post sentence motion filed Aug 2, 2012, pg 9 section IV line 6).  Exhibit XIII


14.  Trial attorneys failed to object to and expose staged photographs, altered statements and skewed diagrams presented to jurors by prosecution despite insistence of petitioner.


15.  Trial attorneys failed to vigorously pursue change of venue necessary due to the adverse effects on the jurors of bogus information fed to the local media by prosecutors which the Lackawanna County District Attorney Andrew Jarbola knew was untrue and highly prejudicial to the petitioner.

 16.  Trial attorneys failed to expose findings in Item 15 above to superior court and disciplinary board when the district attorney of Lackawanna county himself actually offered this information months after he knew it to be false and highly prejudicial to petitioner to the superior court in his brief requesting allowance of this misinformation after it was deemed inadmissible by the local court.