A – 2


Witnesses to be investigated and/or deposed and/or called to testify at evidentiary hearing:

SPD Officer OBrien
Carl Spindler
Toni Gillette
Paul Walker Esq
Curt Parkins Esq
Matthew Comerford Esq
John Brazil Esq
Gilbert Abramson Esq
Michael Talcott Esq
Russell Andress PSP
Martin Monahan SPD
John McHale
Joshua Boinske
Judge Gibbons
Ben Gervasi
Gina Gervasi
Thomas Davis SFD Ret
David Gervasi SFD
Juror #6
Juror #9
Michael Mitchell
Jean Admire
Matthew Loomis
Otto Vasquez
Charles Smith
Tracy Smith
Dewy Belles
Jolene Belles
Daniel W Rose
John M Agosti
Frank Gervasi
Francesca Bouselli
Robert Corbett SFD
Neil Deluca
Judy Sharr
Sally Kohut
Martha Gervasi
Mary Ellen Gray




Due to petitioner’s incarceration, this Pro Se Petitioner is unable to gather addresses, execute or prepare affidavits and subpoenas or depose these and other witnesses.  For record to be complete and justice to be served, petitioner must be immediately released to effectively fulfill his constitutional rights to present evidence unfulfilled by trial attorney and/or suppressed and/or withheld by prosecution.