21.  The petitioner hereby requests immediate release so as to prepare for an evidentiary hearing to perfect the remedy to this injustice.


22. In the trial transcript of this case alone there are upwards of 170 issues of misrepresentation by trial attorney, too many to mention in this brief.  Understanding the law frowns upon but does not exclude the cumulative effect of issues presented or excluded by trial attorney on the jury’s determination of innocence or reasonable doubt, this case demands an evidentiary hearing to determine motive of trial attorneys for not taking the extra step to exploit these many issues.  For justice to be served this Pro Se Petitioner requests and this issue alone demands immediate release so as to investigate and prepare for such evidentiary hearing.    



Wherefore this petitioner respectfully requests that this Honorable Court grant the following relief:

A. An arrest of judgment and the grant of a new trial based on claims herein and,
B. An arrest of judgment and dismissal with prejudice.