E.  Appointed attorney has not come up with one issue to present to court as reason for relief except for issues already presented by petitioner in original filing of July 28, 2014.

F.  Appointed attorney, as did trial attorney, protected the District Attorney by redacting, omitting and/or not submitting clear issues of suppression of evidence, ‘cherry picking’ of evidence, prosecutorial misconduct and perjury by the District Attorney and his representatives.

G.  Appointed attorney submitted amended petition October 2, 2014, without approval of petitioner after receiving specific written instructions to not do so without petitioner’s review of such.


For reasons contained in this Item 18, petitioner requests this court, if this court sees fit, allow petitioner to represent himself, or if this court wishes, appoint a qualified, experienced attorney, schooled in the principles of the Post Conviction Relief Act from outside the jurisdiction of the Lackawanna County District Attorney and with no political, business or nepotistic interests with any law firm, agent or agency connected with Lackawanna County.


19.  Petitioner was denied effective assistance of counsel as guaranteed by the Pennsylvania and United States Constitution, when counsels failed to honor the requests of petitioner.


20.  Each of the errors of counsels and court and prosecutor set for above constituted a violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, which would require the grant of federal Habeas Corpus Relief to a state prisoner.